Mira 1998 cannot find ignition coil to buy

i have a 1998 l500 mira (carb 850cc model) i cannot find an igniton coil for it,so can i use any ignition coil ?(350a coil for example)

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There’s no reason as to why an ignition coil from any other brand shouldn’t work. The ignition systems on those are still quite elementary, even if yours is equipped with electronic ignition (the absence of contact points). If you’re not sure, why not simply borrow one for testing? Only the ignition wire to distributor cap is different from those of other brands. For testing purposes, you could temporarilly connect a standard wire, in between both

my distributor has 2 wires coming out of it (red and black) i know that the black wire is connected to the negative side of the coil but dont know about the red one

The red will be the power for the electronic ignition inside the distributor

true, i googled it

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