Mira gino , What shares parts?

Hi again guys. I wanted to ask if there was some kind of online parts catalogue so I can get part number. I’ve got a 660cc gino but parts for 1.0 cuores are alot more available online. Obviously I dont explect you guys to tell me exactly what is shared, My friend has just bought a 660 non turbo gino and needs to replace the idle control valve and wondered if the 1.0 cuore one would work.
Thank you!

I usually try to find partnumbers from https://partsfan.com/daihatsu in combination with: Genuine Japanese Car Part Imports - Amayama

Thank you that’s very helpful!

If you find part numbers then aliexpress can be a really useful resource - I got 2x ICVs for my K3-VE2 engined Sirion for about £12 each delivered from China to the UK. The only other ones I could find were well over £400 EACH on ebay.com.au as an example.

also worth looking at amayama.com - though you need to know the corresponding JDM Toyota model and/or be reasonably confident about what is shared between models.

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