Mira L200 TRXX 2wd lsd gearbox

As the title says I have a TRXX lsd gearbox. It has the lsd in the jackshaft. The box is “open” as in the cases are not bolted together and the internals can be inspected. While it is in this state the drive shaft output seals should be replaced. The box is “for sale” and there are two spare 5pds in pieces for anyone that is quick to get onto this (they may be dumped soon (nb today is 30th Dec)).

It is possible that I could post this, but I can’t guarantee how soon. For anyone that can pick up on the Gold Coast $200 for the lot.


I will share this post to the facebook group also.

sold please Mr G, will pm you soon

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Hey mate, I have a L200 mira with 5 speed manual and am desperatly hunting for an lsd for mine, have you sold this already or any chance I can buy n pay for postage to Adelaide?!

Is this all sold @Mr_Gormsby?

Hi Fraser, It has been paid for but not collected. I really do need it gone. Purchaser says he still wants it. I didn’t want to have to post/courier. There is a lot of stuff. The low price was because I hoped it would be gone really quickly. rob