Mira L500 lower control arm

Hey guys. Looking to replace lower control arms in my L500. I’ve heard Sirion arms are a bit longer and can help to give more camber. Or potentially L700 Mira ones.

Does anyone know what year sirion and if they are different to the L700?

I intend to do an ej swap with sirion uprights and brakesin the near future if that matters at all?


L700 is the way to go and prob get you one and a half to two deg neg. You need to do the whole hub and strut thing. Sirion are extremely long by comparison and you’ll have up to ten deg neg plus the top of the wheel will sit outside the guard. There is alsos an early Ford Fiesta arm that is the same as the Sirion.

l700 is the way to go as @Mr_Gormsby said but they dont fit your L5 hubs /knuckle. Will need sirion stuff for that.

Could use l700 hubs and brakes. But like Mr E said M100 (Sirion) hub and brakes.

Still planning the upgrade but I might go replace the stock ones right now since they seem pretty cheap.

I’m looking on mudah.my at the “heavy duty” Malaysian new ones.

Is the Australian L5 the same as their L5 or their L2?

Anyone know if they’re good quality part? Are they actually heavier duty?

Should be the same.

The moniker “heavy duty” will not mean a thing, at least that is my opinino and experience. Malaysian non-original stuff often does not live up to hype. Is the ball joint gone on yours or the bushing?

I’ve seen recently some grease around the ball joint but I suspect both are very worn. Thats been the case with literally everything else on this car. Nothing I’ve looked at has been good enough to keep. Car had 170k when purchased and almost everything on it looks factory.

So 180k (now) on it I highly doubt that either ball joint or bush are not in need or replacement.

Given that the “heavy duty” Malaysian ones are 50 bucks I am just wondering if they should be at least as good as OEM. In that case it would be worth doing just as a stop gap until the engine swap.

I currently have an axel tramp type issue. Under wide open throttle it shakes severely. It’s smooth at all other times even at 100kph. Its only if the car is accelerating. Every single bush has been changed. New bearings (good japenese in the passenger side unfortunately cheap chinese shit in the drivers side) with no play in them.

Malaysian arms may well be okay and better than worn out ones. Jack the car so tire is off the ground. Put a big bar/lever under the tire and lift up and let down. You’ll feel if the ball joint is worn. For just a damaged boot you’ll find generic ones that will fit.

First thing to check with tramp are engine mounts and the gearbox mount. Otherwise sway bar bushes, esp the one at the control arm. My engine is solid mounted and no tramp even with 78fwhp and bigish tires. It’s rough at idle but sweet with a few revs.

I was having a look the other day since I don’t have a hoist and haven’t looked at it enough. And I noticed that the sway bar is the only thing preventing the wheel moving forwards. This gives weight to your theory about the bush in the arm that connects to the sway bar. Both engine and gearbox mounts are new as is every other bush in the damn thing

At this stage I’m happy to replace them and test it but I can’t find the part. Guys with the Malaysian listing are not replying. There are “Daihatsu Mira 92-95” ones listed on eBay which I assume are L200 and different.

A bit frustrated given how wheel everything else feels to have this niggly problem right at the end.

From what i have heard, L2 L5 and L6 are all interchangeable but best if someone else confirms

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Thanks for that.

I’m happy to take a chance that you know what you’re talking about :smiley: