Mira lsd

Hi guys I’m currently trying to find factory lsd gearset or gearbox for my Mira l500 I’ve did find 1set on the auctions but went before I could bid, anyone have any idea the best place to get one cheers

I have two. One is viscous the other clutch type. Gearsets are all the same with the exception of diff ratios. The output shaft determines the diff ration. I have one output with a 4.4:1. Will be up for sale soon. PM me your budget if you are game. I have quite a few spare boxes to go with the LSD ones. Note that each is a jackshaft LSD meaning the friction part is external to the diff housing. I have a few guys already interested, but some shirk at the price. To give you an idea they are about the same price for the whole thing a new normal Cusco centre. The clutch type box is open and bagged for inspection - goes back together easily. The viscus is in a car that has sat for a couple of years. Where are you located?

Okay cool and unfortunately for you guys I’m located in the uk

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