MLS Head Gasket for HC-E?

As topic title suggests…where on earth do I find an off-the-shelf MLS head gasket for the HC-E (1.3L) engine?
I’ve been searching for weeks now to no avail. I don’t really want to go down the custom path.
Any help would be awesome. Cheers Dai-lovers!

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Make that 2 :slight_smile:

Have you tried Toyota?

copper may be your best bet

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Yes I have looked for these too - and only turned up graphite head gaskets.

The other stupid thing is how many versions and thicknesses of the gasket seem to be out there, I have had from 1.4 to 1.9mm thick.

@FrAsErTaG My local Toyota that deals Daihatsu parts are pretty good, but they’re not that good. lol
I’ve sourced service parts from them, but they never go the extra distance. I’m even finding it difficult getting one of the lazy sods to email Japan. Going to do it myself. haha

@evilhighway I was thinking this but where to start looking in Perth… :confused:

@JC050 The different thickness in gaskets is to accommodate for adjustment in stroke distance. It’s so you can keep the CR the same (or less for turbo) even after substantial machining. The more you machine, the thicker the gasket.

Maybe try partsfan?

Shiznit, I forgot to take down all the part numbers and look them up online. That actually helps. Thanks @FrAsErTaG :grinning:

I have only had aftermarket gaskets - and it seems to be a lottery on what you get, depends on where the parts company has sourced them from.

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Hey guys, been reading up on the forum a fair bit…didn’t realise you lot are veterans at this! esp @JC050 I’m sorry that I even TRIED to school you haha :laughing:
I’m so used to dealing with ignorant people and correcting falsities that I posted ignorantly…how’s the irony.

Still searching for an off-the-shelf MLS HG…seems they don’t exist, along with the G200 revision of the HC/HD engine repair manual haha. Seems most of the specs carry over from G100 series.

With my standard rebuild I think I’ll just stick with the composite HG. The mating surfaces are almost mint anyway.

Thanks for all the info and suggestions fellas.

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I have only had trouble once when I didn’t clean my block properly. I also re-torque my head (when its cold) after the motor has been run for a while.


That is solid advice. :wink:
Cheers fella.