More pep from a 660cc?

Hello guys! I’ve just bought a 01 daihatsu mira gino. It’s my absolute dream car! So pleased with it. The only thing with it, is I’ve gone from an 06 charade 1.0 which is quick enough. But the 660cc n/a is really slow. I don’t expect much from it, but I wondered what the best option is on a very low budget. Turbo the 660cc? Or anything I can do to make it a little quicker off the mark? Or just find a 1.0 cuore that I can swap over the engine? I’m not expecting much from the stock engine, but in the UK I need to be able to pull out onto roundabouts without being taken out by a truck! Thanks for your help guys.

Others will have different ideas, but I have written a bit about 660cc engines here esp the ef-el. The 1000cc Cuore is a good swap and will give you the torque that will make it nice to drive. To get the 660 to go you’ll always have to rev the ring out of it and row through the gears constantly.


I thought gino’s came out with the 1.0 not the 660cc. Unless that’s just Australia and the conversions here are done on the L700 which has the ejde stock engine?

Thank you for the reply! Yea I think the 1000 cuore engine may be the best option. But I’ll see how the 660cc goes and give it a little service.