More power from a feroza (boost?)

Hello, i am new here and i had no idea where to post this

I have a daihatsu Feroza with 31’s on it… and i love the thing!
the only issue is that it is really slow . now i hope any of you guys might have any idea on how to increase the power without to much hassle. i am thinking about getting a set of extractors and a full 2 inch exhaust system. i am also concidering putting in a megasquirt 3 and maby a small supercharger…

Does anyone know the boost that stock internals in the HD-E can handle reliably? this would help me a LOT

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Welcome. We are glad you have dropped into the community. Many people just drop in to find information and leave just as quickly as they have come. Others come, and then stay to help build the forum and take interest in what this group does, I guess your request is to this latter group? To help us help you perhaps a short introduction and a picture of your car might be a good introduction.