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Hello Daifamily :grin:

My name is Katrina, but I am affectionately referred to as “Motherhatsu”.

My infatuation with Daihatsus began in April 2013, when my youngest son bought an L700 Cuore. We absolutely loved that little car, and later that year in November it was written off after hail damage and I burst into tears at the assessment centre (but it had been a REALLY bad year - buried both my parents).

It wasn’t long before I was pining for one to call my own, and in February 2015 I bought a Series 2 L700.

Car measurements 1
(Different rims and stock height, when I bought it.)

And as most of you are aware, she has now evolved into Lumpy Space Princess, with very little stock/original parts left on her.

Between my sons and I, we now own 4 Dais. An 1992 Handivan (L201), a 2002 Handi (L701) and my son Ryan has a Feroza (Project).

I’ve been very grateful for all the help, advice and friendship offered by this wonderful community.

Motherhatsu :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hey Mother hatsu did you end up repairing the L201? I remember it broke down and have often thought to ask if you ended up fixing it or not. Some how I just kept on forgetting until now. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum Katrina :wink:

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We ended up buying a replacement EJ engine for it. This will hopefully be installed sometime next month, when my son Ryan gets home from walking the Kokoda Trail…

The donor/spare parts car ended up being registered and is slowly resembling a Japanese police car :joy::joy: