Move L601 - Adjustable suspension/ lowering springs (NZ) *

Hi everyone,

I recently got a 1997 Daihatsu Move L601 and I would like to get some adjustable suspension or lowering springs for it :slight_smile: The suppliers of ‘Move L601s adjustable suspension kits’ in Japan say that they are unsure if they compatible with ‘L601 Moves’, and cannot recommend any other options.

Has anyone had any experience with this make and model fitting aftermarket suspension? or if any other makes or models of Daihatsu suspension is compatible?


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Pay attention to the spring rates offered with any lowering setup. Stick with a low front rate of around 125 lb/inch which is std rate. And rears you can go to about 400-450lb/inch (leverage wise it ends up only about double the front). The softer end of the car will have more grip. Weight always transfers diagonally. Sway bar upgrades are poor handling solutions, trust me.