Move L601

Drove from Sydney to Canberra (approx 300km) with two cylinders and no issues.

Looks like the previous owner was a crappy one and never serviced it. However, I hope to change that as my drive back home made me fall in love with it. Can’t wait to get it running to its former glory.


Oh I did see that one. It looks great but wow never thought it would be that badly looked after. first thing to check would be to have a look at the spark plugs and see if they are good. Whn I had my move I discovered one of the plugs was really bad and the electrode had disintergrated also. not sure it is common with moves but the plugs are cheap unlike an efi mira.

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What shocked me is the amount of hardened brittle oil in the engine. As well as some rust spots that have rusted the whole way through the metal, leaving a hole.

Yeah, I’ve replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap, oil, oil filter. Any other suggestions? Car seems to be idling sort of rough but I think that’s somewhat to be expected in 3 cylinder engines if I’m not wrong.

Just goes to show how tough Dai’s really are and I’m not sure if all 3 cyl’s idle a bit rough but my G202 Charade idles slightly rough when it gets hot.

Hello there,
Four years ago, I was returng from my hollidays with my Sirion, 6km before my estimated arival at Thessaloniki, my Sirion M100 started to behave strangely. Then I noticed that the car could not go faster than 90Km/h… I pulled over, while I stoped, from the interior the car seemed to be jumping arround! It turned out that my head gasket had been burned out and I had good compresion at only 1cyl! 1cyl!! And I was going with 90Km/h with 1cyl! But, even with all 3cyl working, the car is rough at low rpm. But yeah, Dai’s are really tough!

Where did you find rust? On the engine or in the engine bay? Because I read something about a hole! Can you post a picture of that?