Move SRXX in Texas

Hey all!
Happy to finally receive my Move L602s 5MT Fwd. JB-JL Turbo. 86k kms. Runs amazing so far.
I have owned many Keis since 2016 in the US starting with my 90 Alto Works RSR.
So far I think the Move might be my favorite! Just so clean and new hah
No real plans yet. Stereo on the way soon. Fluids and spark plugs soon.
Have already driven it over 200 miles.
Going with BKR7EIX for now. Electrode is different than OE, does that matter? Gap is the same…


Nice Move! I am new here as well. Recently purchased a L502 with same motor you have. We may have to help each other out sourcing parts in the future.

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Welcome and Nice move! They are such a fun car. I do miss my old one from time to time.

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Welcome. A Move in Texas, now that’s really cool.

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I thought my alto was an eye catcher. People really staring now. Guess it kinda sticks out around here.


[quote=“JDMauch, post:1, topic:6131”]…Going with BKR7EIX for now. Electrode is different than OE, does that matter?..[/quote]Absolutely not, unlike the overly-sensitive later dual overhead cam engines. The simple ignition and fuel injection systems on these are insensitive to off-brand plugs and wires.
Are you planning on converting it over to left-hand drive?

I’m pretty sure he does have a DOHC though… Unless you mean later Dohc engines?

So far has been running great with the single electrode plugs.
Definitely not planning on LHD swap. No need. I have been driving RHD in the USA for 7 years. No issues.

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It’s so narrow that it wouldn’t even make that much difference on which side the steering wheel were to be mounted. I once desired (to be truthfull, I still do) one of those older right-hand drive Post Office Jeeps equipped with the first generation Chevrolet “Iron Duke” 4-banger

So I come from Suzukis and having access to diagrams and part numbers. Where can I find that for daihatsu? Thanks.

Are the sites I use :slight_smile:

I also have a move and I am in Conroe Texas would love to chat some time!


I assume that’s really scary sit on the highway next to a big american pickup/suv/van :grin::grin:

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Hey! Unfortunately I’ve sold my Move but I have a Suzuki cappuccino still. The Move is in Austin now. Happy to meet up and chat whenever tho. I love Moves.

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Hah nah not really scary. Maybe I’m used to it tho.

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I actually have a turbo every van aswell hit me up on Facebook Cheyenne brookfield