My 1986 Daihatsu Rocky

Here are some pictures of my Rocky, from oldest to newest. It is pretty original, except for some cosmetic changes.


















That’s a top little car man.
I really love the yellow.
Very clean. Especially for an off roader.
Good work.

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Thanks man. Yeah I’ve only taken it offroad a couple of times since I’ve had it, but when I do go offroad I take it slow to make sure I don’t damage the body.

I’ve been told they’re pretty hard to find these days, of this age and in good condition, so I’ll keep taking care of it :slight_smile:

It’s a very base model as well. It has no power steering, no aircon, no central locking, no power windows, no power mirrors or anything like that haha.

The yellow was very faded when I bought it but it does polish up quite nicely.

All that means is there is nothing to go wrong!
Don’t think simple is a bad thing. Toyota made their name on simple.

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Yeah I do like that it’s simple, because as you said, nothing can go wrong. The windows work pretty well in summer as air conditioning anyway, and it’s just habit now that I check all 3 doors when I lock the car haha. Hopefully it will last for years to come.

Great little rig mate.

Got any photos since?

Thanks mate!

I haven’t got many pictures since the last picture in photos above. This is the latest one I have taken of it.

Right now it is at the mechanic because I don’t know much about working on engines. I am getting the points in the distributor swapped out for an electronic ignition because it has been occasionally coughing and spluttering a bit. Sometimes it even just switches off on me.

I’ve also installed a front and rear dashcam in it in case someone ever decides to do a hit and run on it.

Those are the little changes I’ve made on it recently. I don’t plan on doing anything else to the exterior except for maintaining it, and maybe one day getting the dints removed if they get too bad.

I also wouldn’t mind getting a new Rocky sticker for the back door, as the one I have has faded a bit. I replaced it once from Toyota’s spare parts centre, but they don’t keep new parts for Rocky’s anymore, so I’m thinking I might have to get a good amount of new stickers custom made.

Can’t wait to see how it goes when I get it back home again! :smiley:


Hey dude,

Was going to ask, where do you go or website to order parts for your rocky? I know parts are hard to find but even stuff like k and n air filters or breaks etc just hard to find. Do you use an alternative brand or similar parts for your rocky? Just thinking of buying one soon but kinda struggling to find parts unless it’s from a wreaking car but kinda rather new parts. Thanks dude

Hi Jase,

Welcome to the forum! I used to get certain parts from the Daihatsu wreckers at Archerfield in QLD before they closed down, but now it’s basically hunting for parts online on eBay. I’m also a part of the Daihatsu Rocky Owner’s Group (DROG) on Facebook but it’s mostly for the American Rocky, which is the Feroza here in Australia, but some parts are interchangeable cosmetically, and I guess maybe mechanically? I’ve got a couple of things from that group before since they post over here.

I’m don’t really do any mechanical work on it because I’m not too great at that side of things, so I take it to a mechanic for that and they always seem to find the parts they need for it, most likely aftermarket though.

But yeah there’s also a Rocky / Feroza Australian group on Facebook that is full of helpful people as well that you could check out if you do plan to get one.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

Thanks mate.

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