My 97 G200 Chaz

Hey guys and gals!
This is my 97 G200 Charade :smiley:

I got him about 2 years ago as a work car because at the time I had a 94 N14 Pulsar SSS with a SR20DET from a W10 Avenir and I just wanted something cheaper to run and so I didn’t rack the kilometers up on the Pulsar

(My N14, brothers HK GTS 327 Monaro, dads HQ 350 chev and mums HZ Prem with a 355 stroker from a VS GTSR)

I ended up out of work and the Pulsar was starting to become a headache (massive cop magnet) so I had to choose between the Pulsar and the Charade. I thought I’d do the right/smart thing and keep the Charade as much as it killed me to see the Pulsar go.

The Charade is just super standard at the moment as being broke makes modifying cars pretty hard but I do have plans for him:

  • HD-E swap (maybe turbo)
  • Rear disc brakes
  • Coilovers
  • Set of rims
  • Exhaust
  • Register as a 2 seater
    That’s pretty much the basics at the moment! :slight_smile:

I managed to get myself a tachometer dash on eBay for $88 landed here from Germany so I was pretty happy with that! It was just a straight plug n play :slight_smile:

I also took the back seats out and started making the false floor with some help from my brother. I couldn’t weld to save my life and my brother isn’t the best either but everything seems solid.

It’s just a frame at the moment as we need to finish making the little headboard and I need to buy the ply and carpet to cover it but you get the gist of it :slight_smile:


Woohoo, 3 Door White Smiley :heart_eyes: scored well on the dash, they are getting harder to get without spending a bit of coin :+1:


Cool idea for the floor mate.

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@Mokeman Yeah I was super happy when I found the dash, trying to get that speedo cable back in when you have Shrek hands is a bit of a mission :smiley:

@welby Cheers mate, pretty happy with it at the moment. I’ve only had to spend $15 on material at the moment but I might be able to get everything done with carpet and ply for under $100 which would be awesome :slight_smile:

Just a little update :slight_smile:
Got headboard made up today and installed and painted the frame black. The headbaord has been painted but it was getting pretty dark so I couldn’t really get a good photo.

Sorry about the crap quality, the lighting was pretty bad.

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