My daihatsu Move

Hello guy’s, this is my little Daihatsu Move. This is and has been a long term build it’s just something i toy around with when i’m in the mood and have a little spare cash, which isn’t all that often.


Oh and congratulations to the guy’s involved in getting this site up and running, great job.

Welcome to the new forum mate, very glad to see you here!
I look forward to your Move build thread !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers mate, @evilhighway has done a great job

Hi mate welcome.

hey welcome 601 to 602 good to see another move :slight_smile:

@FrAsErTaG pffft its all you mate your the brains I wouldnt have a clue what Im doing hahahaha.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the new forum 601to602, good to see you on here, i enjoyed reading your thread on daiforum, such a wicked car :smiley: