My dai's / projects

my first charade , mounted other wheels, and later cut springs and other wheels

and grill with fog lamps mounted without the lamps, supply cold air for air filter and radiator

had an accident

drove a GTi, was a bad buy

bought the white, and put vw golf coilovers on it and set drag wheels

charade 1.3 for daily sold and charade with 1.6 purchased

had an accident with my project / race charade

then together with my brother bought sedan, and adjusted. 1.6 block built, custom shock absorbers. GTti stabilizer bars ,customyzed honda 2.5 ‘’ exhaust system and 4-1 header

dyno day

and then with free driving on the Zandvoort circuit


for more photos and info


With the welded strut top insulator, do you run a spherical ball so the strut piston rod can pivot?

no just drill the Original hole and it can pivot like Original , drives great like that

So the strut nut can’t be done up tight least the top plate or top of the strut piston shaft take up the flex. There is little movement, but a little is still a little. If it works for you, okay.

work just like original, the rubber ensures that he can move the same
the shaft is more in the top mount so that the cut spring does not hang loose
so the entire shock is, as it were, shorter

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From the earlier images it looked as though they were completely solid.

The way I go about shortening is cutting the leg and doing a wet insert. In my case I had to shorten the insert a bit too. Unless you run a shorter leg you just lower things and reduce bump travel at the same time. Also note that I have moved the lower bracket upwards on the leg. The bottom of the strut just clears the CV boot by 5mm. Doing such helps keep a more generous amount of bump travel and piston shaft overlap.


Tops I push upward with spacers so I can run the bump stops inside the spring


Plus they get cut and shut for some more negative camber.


This was all for a street car that was not suppose to look modified. For a full on race set up I’d run an adjustable strut top with spherical joint and adjustable coil over spring bases. Currently attempting to get a 1 7/8" spring setup to work on front coil over legs. Slim pickings with the Koni inserts in the small diameter I need to use.

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