My Detomaso

hello i’m new here don’t know if i’m in the right place but thought i’d post to say a bit about my Dai.
I have owned it for a few years and love it’s uniqueness, there aren’t very many of these things in th UK.

(it’s not easy to upload pics from this phone)
Anyway it’s a '94 Charade Detomaso.
It has yellowspeed coilovers, braided brake lines, omp recliners, (mine was never fitted with recaros, or rear discs from the factory, it’s a myth that they were standard, the were oe that most people opted for, that also goes for the lsd) k&n filter,aftermarket wheels etc.
Parts for this jdm nugget are extremely hard to come by in the UK so i’m kinda stumped for more mods at the mo, although a custom turbo kit is in the works :-).
The car is completely rustless and straight which is a bonus, it is letdown a little by the paintwork, but it’s going to be resprayed very soon.


wow that is a nice Detom. Well done with having no rust in the uk. I thought that was just a factory thing. There is not many of these left in Australia now also. Well there is more mock up’s than real ones Welcome

hello evil thank you, i like it although struggling for bits tbh, everything i buy for it so far i seem to be sourcing from aus, like the rear disc conversion from an applause, there used to be loads of them in the uk but nowadays they’re impossible to find too. shame as i really could do with a spare gearbox. mines got quite high mileage 210,000k’s and i’m a little apprehensive about going turbo, but i need to make it quicker haha. love the way it handles though and the weird looks i get from people when they realise it’s not a starlet turbo, the jdm scene is pretty big in the uk.

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from what I have seen gearbox’s are a bit soft with them when turbo and not sure about the detom but alot of other h series engines are prone to head gaskets. It may be worth keeping in mind if you go turbo.

hmm, ok mate, cheers for that, i wasn’t planning on goin mental only like 8-10psi, so maybe some arps and a uprared gasket would do the trick, i have toyed with the idea of a k20 swap :slight_smile: dc5 gearbox with lsd and an s2000 dash cluster on hondata, it’s a little expensive at the moment tho, i was quoted 7500£ buy a reputable british tuner, but it might be on the cards later on. watch this space. :slight_smile:

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Nice Detomaso :open_mouth: why not look at going high compression n/a instead of boost? Look at @JC050’s build thread for a few good ideas :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Fine looking car indeed. Except for the fuel filler door a class Detom (Note I’m over 50yrs old so I don’t get the sticker bomb thing)

haha fair enough each to there own i guess, it’s not stickerbombed anymore anyway, that pic is a year old, gonna be resprayed soon, i’ll upload more pics when it’s done @mokemon, have considered the high comp route but to be honest i’m a bit lazy and can’t really be bothered to open it up, was hopin to just bolt a turbo setup on, piggyback it something like an emange, low boost job, and cross fingers it holds together, i’m still considering a complete motor swap for a honda or something as parts are easier to get but i don’t really know which way to go as yet :-/

If you have no legal issues or don’t care about such (I’d just mill any branding off the tappet cover and afix Diahatsu wording) then definitely Honda or Toyota 1AR (the 2672cc DOHC).

don’t think we got a 1ar in the uk, sounds meaty tho, a 2zz-ge would be an easier way to go for me, but if i’m gonna go to the bother of a complete motor swap, it’d probably be a k20 tbh, aftermarket for them is pretty well catered for over here, or even a b series honda.

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Looking forward to following your dai journey

after much debating on what to do with my little charade, it’s now for sale :frowning: i have the original wheels, struts and rear drum brake setup if anyone is interested gimme a shout or make me an offer, as it says above car is rustless.

hello Matt, where in the UK are you located?

car is located in south wales