My dream L700 project from the UK

Hello all, I’ve recently got hold of a Daihatsu Cuore L700 3 door in manual a very rare and hard to get hold of thing in the uk, a mythical beast if you like
It’s my new daily driver replacing my faithful Rover 75 (yes a 23 year old with a Rover 75 touring)
I have terios as a second daily and rarely drive my cars anyway as I have a recovery truck I drive most of the time, so this thread is to document my journey in modifications of the little Cuore

This was it when I got it and this is how it currently sits

Only modification so far is some 14X6 Borbet A wheels (I have the centre caps but have misplaced the bolts) however these don’t really fit anyway so they will be coming back off for something with a slightly less aggressive offset as something I don’t want to do is arch work

Plenty of mods will follow and I’ll be sure to update this thread as I go
I may or may not be collecting a rotten (but somehow MOT’d (REGO equivalent I believe)) 660cc copen turbo that may or may not donate its heart to the little cuore so stay tuned for that :wink: love to hear everyone’s feed back when I start doing some real work to the little car


That’s awesome. Strange that they are rare over there. Any plans you already have and you can reveal?

I’ve a lot of plans for the little car but can’t reveal much as many are conflicting plans so I need to make my mind up what I’m doing haha
All Daihatsus are rare over here I’d say the most common ones were the line of 4x4 like the Terios fourtrak etc and the copen were reasonably popular but the rest very uncommon, perodua Kelisa are slightly more common but still very rare


Some more progress has been made on my little Cuore while it’s temporarily off the road awaiting registration documents

First mod was a simple one, some Mira Gino rear lights and some LED bulbs for them

Before with the old lights including one cracked half filled with water light

After with the Mira Gino rear lights

24 years of British road grime, eww

All clean, much better!

The rear light massively improve the rear end of the car in my opinion and having 2 lights in good condition is definitely a lot better

The next mod was my quest to have a double DIN stereo with car play in the little Cuore

The old single DIN head unit

What I had to work with to fit the double DIN

Cubby hole came out without too much of a fight when the Dremel was whipped out

Plenty of cutting and sanding later it’s starting to take shape

Finally enough fettling to fit the double DIN cage

Test fitting the stereo and surround, pretty happy with the fitment

My dash decided it wanted to become an obstacle so back out with the dremel

Bit of cutting later and although not the prettiest it certainly does the job

Double DIN all installed and looking pretty good if I do say so myself

All up and running and whilst I certainly think it looks good my next step on the in car entertainment is definitely going to involve a lot of improvement to the front speakers, fitting some rear speakers and potentially a subwoofer if I feel it necessary

Hopefully some more progress will happen soon although Cuore progress may slow as I’m about to start building my Terios off roader which will have its seperate thread


Gino tail lights look Mint :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Cheers man I’m dead chuffed with them