My Feroza (f310?)

Hey guys,

Adam from Australia!

Fair few months ago i picked up a Daihatsu Feroza! im enjoying it with the main goal of having a run about to learn to 4x4 in and have some fun (My Suby is too nice to take on the dirt :P) I have some issues I’m seeking knowledge on and would love to know things to do to help/improve it - Im even thinking engine swaps in the future as shes a bit week in the power department :wink:

Ive been trying to get more into DIY for car stuff and the feroza was a something to do just that - Then im a little less scared in doing it to my weekend driver :stuck_out_tongue: - Ive done my clutch as it failed, bled brakes (Still and issue though) diff oils etc - Basic service as my dad owns a car parts store and always made me do them growing up (Plugs, oil, filters) also changed two CVboots (next time just get a cvjoint -.-) but its all fun learning and keeping me busy!

Its currently using a lot of oil, Rattling the exhaust because the engine mounts and trans mounts are rooted and they ‘hard mounted’ the exhaust to the Gearbox?! (had to get some hangers welded before rego after buying because it snapped them and someone hard welded the exhaust to stop it rattling… you guessed… snapped the weld) Bit unresponsive in the tightness of the steering, needs new shockys etc - paints not bad after a polish… has some after market alarm system…

Been sound deadening some panels to reduce noise and improve the overall drive, also want to put AF gauge in and a water temp gauge, i know its not the bee’s knees in performance but i dont trust the gauges in it 100% and i have to learn right!!

looks like you guys mostly have sick little swity nuggets but hopefully ill find someone on here to help me out!


Hey mate if you jump on the facebook page australia look for a bloke named adam deschamps hes probably the bloke to talk to about ferozas. Also find a page called daihatsu australia 4wd club (dafc) on facebook

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Thanks dude!

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hey mate welcome you can also find Adam Deschamps on our facebook page also.

As for your feroza I believe they already have the biggest enging in that series that came out. the 1.6L the other h series engines are a 1.5, and a 1.3 which came out in charade, applause and pyzar. I believe Adam has supercharged his feroza but I dont know the details so it would be worth picking his brain a bit i think :slight_smile:

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Hi mate welcome, and like Evil mentioned same engine as an applause and my charade. Main difference is the sump due to being mounted differently. Best option would be to grab a cam and a set of extractors for a bit more power.

Nice Feroza, I have a Charade but always wanted a Feroza too for some off roading!

I put an MTX-L AF gauge on my car - its probably the gauge I look at the most.

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Gday and welcome to the forum, nice looking roza :slight_smile: check around the bottom of the dizzy to see if any oil there, o ring goes in the H series and leaks like anything.

Looks even nicer after the wash and polish this past weekend! paint needed some love, I will check there thank you @Mokeman I cant see and oil leaking on the ground and its using a fair bit so its somewhere, ill look there first.

@JC050 its more the experience and ahving a go that im looking forward too but im sure it will be usful!

@welby If i can find some cheep maybe that might be my best option before trying to get crazy with a different engine, i assume you mean cam shaft but im really not sure on the more harder mechanical side there so ill give it some research.

The fifth gear is super odd too, like it feels like just a different fourth gear, is that a think with that gearbox?

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Hi Adam,

Nice looking Feroza. I have an 86 Rocky and the 5th gear in that is how you describe the 5th gear in your Feroza. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of it mate. :+1:t3:

I have one of these… they’re cool.

Let me know if you get the oil leak solved. Mine gets 10MPG oil mileage.

Its still using a bit of oil, went to a bit of a thicker oil and its helping, as well as an engine treatment, buying a engine gasket set, might help, also going to turbo it once stuff gets delivered, Auspost keep screwing me round

I did have oil coming out of the dash! happened on long drives, discovered it was gearbox oil coming up through the speedo cable, nuts huh - had small blockage in the breather and i think that forced it to come up the cable.

Im new to the turboing N/A cars and know theres hurtles but i want to learn and accomplish it, have a manifold, turbo and intercooler on its way… going to start making a list of all the other sensors and ecu bits i need, Trying to find someone to guide me but no one wants to help as i will need it Dyno’d but because i want to do the majority myself, theres no money for them and they’re jsut ignoring me, or they want no part in it haha.

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Bit late on the uptake but welcome anyway!:exploding_head:
Great looking rig, looks well presented and maintained for a 20+ year old truck