My Garbage G11 hahaahahah

so here it is, a photo dump of all my g11 crap from the past few years

i will update this as i can or when i remember things haha

car is a G11V i first drove this car way back in 2002 but i didn’t own it till about 5 years ago { been through my brother and then my dad then me} i have had somewhere around 6 other G11s and 7 or 8 charades in general

This has been a long term project, that has actually spanned 4 g11 chassis so far , 2 were cracked , one was lost to a fuel leak fire while i was driving it and then there is this one… the one that wont be done to a low standard { and have fires hahahahah}

So here are a few pic of the car

basic front shot

the front with a few things i have collected over the past 10 years, new oem headlight covers and a genuine G11 detomaso grill, and the only non hacked up turbo front bar i have ever had

all the suspension components have been refurbished with new bushes when they were available , all new brake lines and stuff too




this is the g202 motor i put in the car circa 2011

then last year i fitted a cb60{ish}



and then i got stupid as most of you have seen and decided to do a EJ swap… something i had been toying with since mid 2005



all custom mounts . slightly modded sump . slightly modded engine loom . custom driveshafts to suit the M100 5 speed into the g11 using L700 suspension and hubs with gtvi brakes that are soon to be replaced with Mitsubishi EVO 2 calipers


and i think that’s enough picture spam for now… plus i have to go through my old hard drives to get more vintage pics and all the other g11 shenanigans


Awesome work mate looks good, can’t wait to see more.

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I will definitely be following this one it’s awesome.

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Have always liked the g11’s this little ones going to be awesome .

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@ITSFUN gday ive started this conversion pretty well the same as yours. just curious do you have any more updates or hurdles you ran into?