My introduction sirion 4wd turbo

Hi all my name is abaid i got a 4trak sirion with a yrv turbo engine, alot of fun 4wd 1.3 turbo. I wanted to access a workshop manual to be able to run the vac lines proper as the map sensor vac line was missing so wouldnt run right.


Is this what you mean?


Welcome. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your 4trak.

Not the best looking car right now but i left it parked for many months and started using it a storage space haha, will fix it up abit and keep posted👍


Yes thanks looks good but think its missing some still need the info on map sensor vac like etc but i am sure i can figure it all out with this thanks!

hello and welcome to the forum I look forward to seeing the updates :slight_smile:

Great car. Not something we see in Australia, ever.

Really? Even 2wd version? Probably easier to get a stronger gearbox for the 2wd, one downside to them apparently gearbox are no good for big power😔

Plenty of 2wd in ejde and K3ve. Just no awd.

Welcome and that looks like an awesome project car :+1:

YRV Service manual can be found here;