My L200 Topless


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update time,
After a flying trip moving my son down to Brisbane in August, I was able to meet @Mr_Gormsby, @FrankEnstein & @Col_Adams and now proper L200s2 front end, carpet, heater/fan unit & rear suspension done, Thanks Guys, wish i had more time to talk :frowning: have bought and sold a 93 5 door for much needed front lhs brake line, exhaust and interior parts so that part is complete now. the 5 door had all the original paperwork and service records, even had the plastic tray from underneath the passenger seat, score :smiley: also had not yellowed headlights and better taillights so swapped all that that over.
the EJ was running, but was hunting at idle, ended up being the manifold gasket had a leak somewhere and was getting air in, bright spark me ended up cleaning up the gasket and covered both sides with a silicon that I’ve had for a couple of years, whacked it back together and fired it up…
Success!!! Motor idled straight away and ran beautiful :smiley: then my luck and more the consequences of my rushed job kicked in and the motor started to miss and cough a bit :frowning: looked at the exhaust and noticed alot of water coming out, ended up the silicon i used was old and hadn’t cured at all so eventually was sucked through from the water inlet to number one inlet on manifold and flooded the cylinder. one day i might learn :frowning:
So at the moment, the motor is out awaiting waterpump, timing kit, clutch as slipping bad, then gaskets and putting all back in, hoping to have done early 2018. Had the EJ swap Modplated, bloke wasn’t concerned at all about the braking system just motor itself, might look into it later down the track :wink:
Then should be a matter of tyres and windscreen so hopefully before the end of summer it will be driving around enjoying the tropical sunshine :smiley:


Quick update.
So i had to wait a bit for coin to buy the rest of what i needed, while waiting i decided to clean the corrosion from the rocker cover and tidy it up a bit, 44 hours of hand sanding with grade 120 down to 1500 wet n dry then 2 hours polishing and this is the result.20171207_082151
Water pump and timing kit have turned up and been replaced, Cams and timing have been done, Many Thanks to Jono Muir for the help he gave me in setting them up properly :+1::+1::+1::+1:
Today the clutch turned up and picked up the flywheel from being machined so fun weekend planned putting it all back together and hopefully starting it by Monday.


Have a look into coating that tappet cover. Straight polished alu can corrode and end up chalky white.


I was trying to get a picture of your car to explain what a topless Mira was to my missus and gosh…
Have you ever typed “topless Mira” into Google?
Not a Daihatsu that’s for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


In Latin Mira means “wonderful” and as an noun it is a giant red star.


The google images are that indeed!


for better pics @Paulep82 search Topless Rentals on Magnetic Island off Townsville Qld, they have about 10 or so that they rent out to run around the island :smile:
Just trying to find out what is the best clear to suit the rocker cover :smile: @Mr_Gormsby


Heat proof clear.
VHT sell it.
The normal stuff will yellow.


All the KBS products I’ve used are excellent. I’ve not used this one, but should be good for alu.

It’s never cheap and you might baulk at the price.


As one learns over the years, quality isn’t cheap and worth the extra to do it right the first time :smile:


Sunday Night Success :smile:
Please remember this is a cold motor so it is revving high to start with, when warmed up, it drops down to a nice idle :+1::+1::+1:
Ran it intil the temp gauge went too high for my liking and radiator fan didn’t cut in so first thing to check tomorrow.


Keep it up #progress.
Was it a vacuum leak why the idle was so high?


Yes it seemed to be @FortisD, new proper gasket installed and she is running sweet :slight_smile: still haven’t gotten thermo fan working yet though.


Update time, have finnaly gotten everything needed for RWC ( i hope) and am now am sanding everything back to give it a respray. Above the windscreen, i had a mate silver solder some pieces of metal in where the roof had been cut off (pretty dodgily too looking at it :frowning: ) and spent the next two weeks bogging, sanding and shaping it so no sharpish corners as definitely lost the fibreglass roof cover part :frowning:. Not 100% perfect but i am not a panel beater and am getting annoyed after 2 500g tins of bog with putting it on only to sand 98% back off while trying to work at least 3 different curves. Next update after it’s painted :slight_smile:20180131_16092620180131_161044


good stuff Dale I hate sanding off bog it just feels so long and tedious but can look really good after paint it on. Can’t wait to see it painted.


Looks good. There’s not a lot more you can do if you have lost that top cap. To be honest I think what your doing will end up looking better than that cover thing. There pretty crudely cut under that ay.


Finished painting for the moment, final finish is being planned, won’t be totally plain white as Mrs said I can try something totally new for me :wink: now to put back together and do all the fiddly bits for rwc.


looking good!