My little Terios Green lane basher

Thought I’d start a new thread to document the build of my little Terios
To start, I’ve never actually been fond of the Terios despite liking literally every other Daihatsu, all that changed however when in September ‘23 at work in the scrap corner of our yard I saw a little J100 Terios looking rather sorry for itself, needless to say despite everyone’s best advice some money changed hands and I was the proud owner of a very very rough Terios saved from the jaws of the crusher
This is how it looked when I first saw it (and instantly fell in love with it)

From the photos she doesn’t appear in too poor condition but sadly as with most Japanese cars in the uk she’s fallen victim to quite a lot of rot and some poor previous rust repairs, along with a completely knackered water pump and most the suspension being well past its sell by date, still that didn’t stop me being enthusiastic about the cars future with me

The first thing I did was a full service including all the drivetrain fluids and a cambelt along with fixing the dodgy water pump, I then installed a set of 1 inch suspension lift blocks and some Insa Turbo remould tyres (standard tyre size still 205/70R15) ,then naturally tested its capabilities off road

The car has been faultless off road! Not let me down once or get stuck once, she’s picked up some battle scars along the way but that’s all part of the fun! So far I’ve managed to dent in all of the drivers side roof, remove the passenger wing mirror, rip the exhaust off from the flexi and smash a side window :sweat_smile: but it’s all part of the fun and apart from the dents and scratches she does get repaired I don’t mind her looking rough as but I want to keep her well maintained, this is my first off road vehicle so I’m still learning
I have many plans on what to do next along with the rust repairs for this years annual inspection as shes currently not allowed on the road as this has expired