My new daily: 1995 Daihatsu Applause A101

So as some of you may know i’ve been dailying my 1997 charade 1.3 tr for a while now. The car has always treated me very well and ive never had a prohlem with it, it has been a perfect daily for me!

A few weeks back tho, while browsing the marketplace, something grabbed my attention.

I had been looking for an applause a101 for quite some time, but nothing nice ever showed up, especialy not for a decent price.

When this gem popped up for sale i just knew i had to go and take a look, so i met up with the guy that very evening and took a test drive. The car drove perfectly well.

2 weeks later i went to go and pick it up. The seller had it re-inspected so it had a fresh MOT on it when i picked it up.

It drives perfectly fine. Its quite a quick car considering what it is aswell. Im really gonna enjoy my time with it. Sadly i did uncover some very well hidden rust a week after the purchase, but i guess thats just what you get for loving old japanese shitboxxes :confused: :joy:

As for the charade, it got sold to a friend of mine, and it will also be getting a 1.6 engine, so im looking forward to doing that swap aswell.


Nice car ! It reminds me on my old 91" applause also white. Did you check for rust under the side carpets in the trunk? .

Yes i did, and i found plenty :confused: :joy:

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one of many i parted out

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Love the white. Looks classy.

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Mine isn’t that bad :sweat_smile:

The rocker panels have been patched, but it was done way too late, so the beams had already started rusting. From the outside everything looked perfectly fine, but when i pulled out the carpet to install some speaker wires i was met with this

It was a little upsetting at first, considering i thought i had bought myself a perfectly fine example, but it still passed the mot so i’m just going to enjoy it untill it won’t pass anymore.


dont wait too long pls :smiley: its gonna be like cars in Flinstones and also mess with the alingment on the rear wheel. front mounting point (your last photo) under that spot is way difficult to fix if it gets toasted

That happend to my applause