My New Ride..Daihatsu Atrai XX Turbo

Hello everyone! I just got this project for the weekend and hoping some of you can help me out.
Changing the Head Gasket soon so that’ll be fun…anybody in here are into Kei Van?


That is so fucking awesome! Does it drive well?

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Absolutely brilliant!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
this looks great!

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G’day and welcome to the forum. Which engine is in it?

It drives like a damn Go Kart very fun, Engine is a 600 CC turbo charge, EF-XS its the engine code

The EF-GX is a 659-cc.

I’m pretty active on the minitrucktalk forum. Quite a few guys trying to figure out how to keep 25+ year old rigs running, with limited parts availability. Drop by, there are acouple of folks with Atrais.

My suggestion is drop out the engine and transmission so you have access to things. In theory you can do it through the hatch. But unless your a space alien, or some kind of genetically modified creature, with an extra wrist wher normal humans have an elbow, it ant really be done.

Luckily I’m working on a pick-tipper, and can just tip the bed, remove the motor protection plate, and I have good access to the engine.

actually i am a member there and a member told me to visit this site to get help on the timing,
i found some manuals here that might be very helpful, a lot of the EF engines are very similar
so am pretty confident i can do it after reading some manuals, thank you!!

i believe it was you jigs who told me to come here lol!


Yep! The folks her have quite a bit of technical knowledge, and as you found quite few good resources.

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