My Opel Vectra A

Hi all, I am Bobby from Bulgaria and this is my project/daily. It’s a 1992 Opel Vectra A 1.8 that my dad bought in 2002. I grew up in the car and when I got my drivers license I fixed it and drove it for 2 years. Last year the starter died and I haven’t driven it since then. It was my daily but with so much problems it’s become a project car.

Because Opel never made a OPC (Opel Perfomance Center) Vectra A, I decided it’s gonna be fun to make mine look like an OPC. Though sadly it was easier said then done, because parts for the sport version of the Vectra are absolute hell to find. I am now having some luck but there’s just too many unserious sellers. Anyways, here’s the things I have done to it so far and the ones I have in my to do list:
Currently done:
Changed original rear speakers to Pioneer ones
Fixed speedo since the paper had come off and you coudn’t see anything
Patched big hole in the drivers seat
Fixed old immobiliser
Fixed an oil leak
and there’s a new grille on it’s way
Still want to do:
Change both bumpers to the sport version
Add spoiler lip
Add a heating panel with display
Fix starter
Weld new metal on the sideskirts
Put new rims

And that’s it at the moment. Hopefully when I save up more money I can restore it to be just as shiny as when it rolled off the line. I’ll continue to type here to show the progress.


I had a early '93 face-lift Vectra A V6 automatic. It was a fun and reliable car to drive and no Rust. Fuel consumption was also pretty good because the car is light. Even though it was automatic, the car was very quick.

But Parts are very hard to source or they are ridiculously expensive.
Keep us updated.


New grille
First step into doing the ‘2000’ retrofit (2000 was the sport line), the grille. So far the easiest part to source, and finally here. Suprisingly, it fits even better than the old one, so now what’s left is to repaint it off the colour of the car and slap a OPC sticker on it. Also, since repainters normally charge insane prices, I’ll most likely repaint it myself, so we’ll see how that goes. But this is it for now