My Sirion M101


yes they fail aye. too much torque added with the tune huh?!
but the good thing is that you can get after market gears
that are stronger and will make the car faster
but will probably cost you what that car owes you in total so far :laughing::joy:


We were talking left foot braking with regards to cornering and why “big rear brakes”. There can also be a benefit in turbo cars to throttle up just before corner exit while braking to reduce turbo lag. I’ve not got a fwd turbo but it works on my old WRX and is the biggest hoot on dirt and no faster way.


a subaru
my condolences
have you considered getting rid of it and getting something better?
like a daihatsu?


The whole point of a Daihatsu (or as you see a Subaru) is no one expects you to be fast (and most aren’t - esp the small car “looks fast” craze that only mimic fast). Hence the current race car is a LIberty GX wagon. Results speak for themselves.

“Better”? High roof wagon and awd suit my purposes. WRX is just a road car with AWD and again suits its intended purpose of driving to Bundy and back to visit my parents. The L200 - just a short trip/shopping cart.


I died with this expression, how much truth :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Pretty sure someone was asking about adapted kits for the front brakes and I forgot to put a fresh link in So here it is