My Sirion M101


yes they fail aye. too much torque added with the tune huh?!
but the good thing is that you can get after market gears
that are stronger and will make the car faster
but will probably cost you what that car owes you in total so far :laughing::joy:


We were talking left foot braking with regards to cornering and why “big rear brakes”. There can also be a benefit in turbo cars to throttle up just before corner exit while braking to reduce turbo lag. I’ve not got a fwd turbo but it works on my old WRX and is the biggest hoot on dirt and no faster way.


a subaru
my condolences
have you considered getting rid of it and getting something better?
like a daihatsu?

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The whole point of a Daihatsu (or as you see a Subaru) is no one expects you to be fast (and most aren’t - esp the small car “looks fast” craze that only mimic fast). Hence the current race car is a LIberty GX wagon. Results speak for themselves.

“Better”? High roof wagon and awd suit my purposes. WRX is just a road car with AWD and again suits its intended purpose of driving to Bundy and back to visit my parents. The L200 - just a short trip/shopping cart.


I died with this expression, how much truth :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Pretty sure someone was asking about adapted kits for the front brakes and I forgot to put a fresh link in So here it is


Hi guys!

As I mentioned earlier in January, I broke the gearbox so I didn’t participate in February in any race :sob::sob::sob:

In March we raced in a new track, for many people the best racetrack of Chile (the infrastructure is really good), it’s a entertaining racetrack but with an eternal straight that was rather a disadvantage for the little Sirion.

Well, before that continue, we did some things for this race (apart from repairing the gearbox)

We gave a little more caster to the car by placing washers on the sway bar :grinning:

Finally I have a sports seat :wink: (and the corresponding weight reduction)

We eliminate the hydraulic pump and place a lightened crankshaft pulley (weighs half of the original)

We install the oil cooler (this is a marvel, despite being small the oil does not exceed 92 ° C)

And finally we installed the Throttle body of the Daihatsu Terios 1.5 (the only problem is that we did not have time to do the induction)

Well, the truth is that I think we messed up, we were all weekend with the car mixing badly (at 4000 rpm the wideband was at 16 and the car was not moving at all, it was doing better at 6000 rpm).

The change of seat by a sports seat and disconnect the hydraulic pump is a marvel, it improves a lot the control of car and the precision behind the steering wheel. :grin:

ok, about the race, don’t ask me how but we won a lower category to which I always participate. I leave a video anyway pursuing larger cars … equally entertaining but metaphorically speaking I was raped on the straight.

The next race is April 20, I hope to have the induction for that date and be able to solve the mixing problems. Apart from that I have to install an adjustable camshaft pulley (which I bought next to the crankshaft pulley). for last, i ordered some plasma spark plugs, to see if it do something (, the truth is that i don’t have them much faith.

see you!


thats awesome I’m sure you will get the kink’s ironed out love the footage. Looked like you were going hard at it. :slight_smile:


So good! Those other cars were much newer and more expensive. You did really well to chase them down like you did.

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Hi guys,
I have been a little disconnected but here I comment a bit on the progress of the car.

First I had to show them the induction, after the change of the Throttle body. Here I leave you a photos. For now we have it without a filter, although I hope to invent something better in the future.

For the last race we only did a few things, one of them very unorthodox but I remember that something that @Mr_Gormsby always said he should have. Today I understand why.

First we made an artisanal short shifter . Here are some pictures.

And the second was to block the differential, but welding. What a difference! the car was a rocket in the exits of the curves but somewhat difficult to handle.

That change reduced us almost 2 seconds the time and also greatly improved the feeling of grip of the suspension.

Only my neck hurts because of the little habit of braking with the left foot. :rofl::rofl:

I leave some photos and a video as usual

My wife almost hit me for this picture … although it was intentional :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

sorry for the weakness of the publication … a hug!


I love reading about the development of this car and seeing how the changes effect your performance. Keep it up!


2 second improvement!!!


@Mr_Gormsby I know it’s a “must have”, you’ve always said it but the difference is brutal … I could have done that much earlier

very happy for that!!


wheels looking badass pal


That’s awesome!

All the justification I need for the real world benefits of an locked diff / LSD!