My welcome

Hey guys😁 I have bought a 2002 daihatsu cuore and I have big plans such as changing from the EJ-DE to the k3 series motor😁 thanks for letting me join and you guys will see alot of me more in this chat as I’m new and fresh to daihatsus entirely.


hey mate welcome.
This is a great car and makes around 150hp from memory with the Ejde in it. It has been on atleast 1 track day when Siale owned it.
I know it’s your car and you can do as you please but honestly I would be sticking with the ejde and enjoying the car unless it is no longer able to run etc.


I do plan on keeping the EJ-DE for a long time but I wanna get more into building engines and some more power😅

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Although I can sense another sirion sacrificing its K3 (please don’t let it be a green one)…


More power will need more traction for going and stopping. The latter is easy the former is difficult.

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