Need advice/info about mira L200 4-speed automatic gearbox

I have spontaneously bought a 4-speed auto from an L200 660cc efi mira and I would just like some info/links about its overall capability. Anyone experienced driving with this box before? I am familiar with both 4-speed and 5-speed manual gearboxes but this is the first automatic mira I will work on…

My main questions are:

  • compatability for ‘straight-swap’ - does it bolt on in place of manual gear boxes?
  • are driveshafts the same between auto/manual L200 mira variants, etc?
  • if the ECU have any interaction to the gearbox itself - what I mean is, can they just be bolted in place of a manual transmission Mira engine or sorts…either ED10 or EFEL or EJDE blocks etc?
  • gear ratio / speeds
  • max power/torque it could handle
  • recommendations on how to care for it.

Any info is really appreciated.
derku’s little red supercharged franken-motor mira build

@evilhighway is currently doing the opposite with his move, I believe it is similar running gear and he might be able to answer your questions.

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Yeh I have just gone from auto in the move (move runs an ed20 which is just an efi ed10) and going manual. The cv’s etc should be fine and as long as you’ve got everything for the auto it should be fine. You will find that the hole for the transmission may be smaller and I had to cut mine to fit the manual gear selecter. The manual ones are wider and a different shape. Not sure with wiring as I have got to any of that either they also have a kickback thing that goes on the other side of the throttle butterfly linkage but couldn’t tell you if you need an auto ecu or not.
oh mine is only a 3 speed auto btw

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Yeah I noticed the other cable on the throttle wheel… I only noticed 1 electrical plug which goes into the loom from the auto gear box (well 2 if you include reverse switch). I think its some sort of transmission fluid sensor? I’ll unplug it and see if it affects its operation.

New question… which part number/where to source the auto trans filter?

Supercheap auto and repco wernt sure… perhaps I need to try different stores? Ebay has a few but I dont want to buy one hoping it’d fit.

Help appreciated,

I never bought a transfilter at all for mine as I only ran it for a few months. I believe ebay has them for move which is probably the same for l500 but not sure on the l200.

The auto has one plug with many wires for move and only one pin that I can see that goes into the move ecu but I’m not 100% percent as I haven’t followed the wiring back. It may well go to the body for all I know.

There is no reverse plug on the move also so I imagine it goes through the plug also.