Need axle help

Been gone for a while, work has been hectic and have hardly been online much less wrench on anything of my own.

Finally back to working on the Mira. It’s a 95 TR-XX JB-JL L502s

The front left cv boot is split and what grease is left is gray soup. I’ve downloaded the factory epc and have the oem part numbers, but of course the numbers are obsolete and cross over several times, so hard to know if I am even looking at the right numbers let alone track it down.

That being said, I have found a few on Be Forward that look pretty decent, but trying to confirm it is compatible before I overnight parts from Japan.

One set is from 95 Mira Moderno L502S but is listed as JB-EL. Not sure being a non turbo if the gearbox side is the same, especially on the LSD side.

Another set is from a 96 L500s, but that is the EF motor.

Lastly, a set is from a 96 L602S move, which does have the JB-JL but not sure if the shaft length is correct.

I appreciate any help


looking at this ebay listing,

I would assume they use the same shaft right through ? Seems to fit a variety of models

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passenger side will be correct but the driver side won’t due to the LSD box setup.

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I appreciate the help!

I’d love to have a complete new set, but the passenger side is the one is terrible shape that requires replacement so that is good news!

Jimmy- do you know if the L602S Move driver side will be correct? I am keen on the one for the Move since it includes the LSD.

I found the listing for the passenger only and also the same from a second seller and I’ll send both a message to enquire US shipping. That may be the next hurdle


Fast response from both sellers from Neither will ship to US unfortunately.

Back to Be Forward as my option.
The axles from the L602 Move are not listed as from a manual or auto. Are they different?
The passenger axle from L500 is listed as a manual, but if I’m paying the shipping I’d like to have the Move pair, or at least the driver side with the LSD.

She’s anxiously waiting!

Thanks again for the help

What part of the cv is shorter? You may be able to use your old axle and new cv to make one up?

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I was just posing the question about possible length/spline differences between the options I have. I haven’t ordered any of axles yet. I was just trying to try to minimize the risk.

Thought I’d update this.

What I did was find different versions of the L5/6 for sale with the vin posted. Then I used the factory parts manual using that vin and find the OE part number and write it down. I made a chart of all the numbers. This is what I learned.

The L500V, L500S, L502 all share the same passenger side axles, both manual and auto.

The cv joints and LSD are the same on the L602 Move, however the axle length is different.

I ordered 2 axles from Be Forward a week ago. Shipping was most of the expense, so added a 2nd axle for not much more. If one had an issue, I had another to use as parts. Or a spare on hand if needed. They were both listed as run tested, and in pictures looked to be in good shape. One boot looked maybe a little dry, but no splits.

I also learned Be Forward is not the fastest in shipping. Hopefully soon they will go out.