Need help finding parts for EF-GL

Hi all!
I have quickly run into a problem with finding parts and information for the EF-GL.
Every auto parts store tells me my car has an EF-EL. Would I be able to use any parts from this engine?
I am mainly looking for basic maintenance parts as of now such as oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, timing belt and fan belt. But I am gonna need a new radiator and heater/radiator hoses.

I’m pretty confident it should take the Z443 oil filter, A1381 Air filter and Z522 fuel filter but really cant find much to confirm this.

Does anyone know any places to obtain parts for this engine or information on what parts are universal with other engines.
Any information with this engine in general would be helpful really as I cant find anything.

if you look in the manuals section, one of the L500 manuals has the EF-GL in it for information

Thanks! it says I need to request for access.

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Thanks a bunch!

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