Need help with my k3vet build

hi all

well i am thinking off swapping my k3vet i have in my yrv into a cuore. has been done before i know that.
but before starting everything off i want to have everything researched and done on paper.( also costs wise).
ps. i don’t have experience in tuning only in maintaining.
i have a couple off qeustions wich i didn’t manage to find a definitive answer to yet:

will be swapping the auto to manual(the auto sucks).
what will be the best gearbox for it? i geussed the standart k3ve box.
and wich clutch is best to run(won’t be keeping stock 130hp).

also i am looking after a after market ecu since the standart ecu can’t be tuned.
i found vems as a reasonally priced ecu anyone any experience with it? or any better suggestions? link for the peaple interessted.

always got some more qeustions but this is it for now;)

You can look into speeduino, its basically an open source ecu based off an audrino, and can be tuned with tuner studio software. If you’re a bit of a hobbyist you can do it really cheap, you buy the blank circuit board off the website and buy the electrical components from your local hobbyshop and build it yourself. I think all up it only costs a few hundred € and is a reliable thing that a lot of people use. You should check it out

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Mate Iv had ok success with GReddy Emanage ultimate. There cheap and for what your doing it’s probably fine.
With the stock ecu, all you need to do is make the ecu think your in neutral. Then put the manual box on it. You will need to work out the plug for reverse light seperate.

will look into it but i ain’t that good with electrical stuff so diying a ecu prob won’t be a good idea for me.
for diy i also heard megasquirt is a good one.

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well plans might get changed since i did a compression test today and well doesn’t look good. low compression and with oil added to the cilinders the compression jumps so well worn rings i geus…

Good opportunity to learn how to engine rebuild if you don’t know already :+1: