Need help with new seats from gtvi in l700 cuore

Well I finally managed to get a hold on all the seats from a sirion gtvi, but I’m not sure if the back seat will fit. I know plenty of people have already swapped the front seats, but couldn’t find anything about the rear seat. Does someone know or have experience?

The back seat doesn’t fit but you can do what they did on mighty car mods and transfer the guts over to the cuore seat.

Look on you tube for
How to make your slow car fast

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Sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean with swapping guts, removing the fabric from the rear seat and putting it on the l700 rear seat?

**Reading your comment again I realised you reccomended me a mcm vid on youtube. Looks pretty straight forward to do. Thanks for the help.

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Yeah, just swap the covers, you will need to improvise when securing it as it’s too big, also may want to cover the back of it so you can’t see the excess seat cover