New American Rocky/F300 Owner

Just traded my scion xb for a 92 Rocky last week and drove it 4 hours home. This is my first Daihatsu and i love it! The last owner put ridiculously large tires on it, so jumping into traffic or picking up speed going up hill is out until they are replaced. It is in excellent shape otherwise, has 2 small rust spots, 1 in each rocker panel. No leaks, i do have to replace the rear hatch glass.
So far the plan is to knock out these repairs fast, drive it 20+ hours to visit my friends in Colorado (they live in the Rocky Mountains haha!) And back before any custom or “making it mine” type of work. It is my daily driver. Any advice is welcome, and im always willing to make new friends and learn. Thanks for having me here!


Welcome and nice score! It looks like a very respectful purchase. It looks to be in great condition.


Welcome! Great looking Rocky!

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Thanks! So far I’ve put a hair over 800 miles on it, and the more I drive her, the better she runs. There is a new timing set on the way, new belts and soon the tires will be a more manageable size (no more rubbing)


Wow great looking Dai 4x4. Welcome.