New Aussie here!

i’m not too new to the Mira world! but definitely new to L2D
i got to buy my first ever Daihatsu in early 2020, did i get to drive it home? well…no. but soon enough i will!
anyway, here’s a pic of my private import 1993 L200mx J Mira!


Welcome to L2D forum. You privately imported a standard aus delivered model?

well i didn’t but that’s apparently this cars history heh!
idk this car is confusing, in the past ive went to look up parts from parts stores all around and each time i give them the vin they would always reply with, so you got a turbo mira? which is odd! though hopefully i can find out more about it from people like yourself :smiley:
anyway maybe this on the window may tell more of a story about it?

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honestly no idea you may have a turbo shell. The sticker doesn’t really offer up too much information to me. but if it is a turbo shell and is registered as one then that would be a great bonus. If you find it’s former rego details that may help you also.

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It’s got Australian market front fenders and the MX was a trim level in the Aus and NZ markets. I highly doubt it’s an import but the sure fire way to know would be to look on the right hand side of the engine bay near the coolant reservoir and look for the metal Australian compliance plate. If it has that its an ADM model.

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If it’s truly is a turbo model L200S it’ll say EF-JL or EF-XL on the VIN plate in the back left hand corner of the engine bay. If it says EF-EL that’s just a plain 660cc EFI which is what the Aussie ones got.


@144p thanks for that! ! ! il have to check that out and let you know!