New Detomaso

Hi guys,
I recently picked up a G201 Detomaso and it’s burning through so much oil I can hear the US Marines following me around. I’m looking at doing rings and bottom end while I’m in there, valve stem seals, guides and grinding the valve seats. Is there anything else I should be looking at or has anyone else got any tips/tricks to making it as simple as possible?
Whole car needs some love but with some work and TLC it should be a wee stunner
Thanks guys


Welcome! Sorry, I’m no help when it comes to these engines. @Mokeman might be a bit more help.

Not really you’ve pretty much covered everything. I did the same to mine earlier in the year.

Check the oil return holes in the pistons - I had Charade motor once where these were blocked and it smoked like a 2 stroke.


Yep, do what you have said. Check out @JC050’s build thread if you want to play while it’s apart

Cool thanks guys. Anybody know the correct torque procedure for the headbolts on these?

I’m looking for the same. Need to do the headgasket on my gti, so i am in need of a Nm schedule or something.