New dutch guy

Hi there!
Im from the Netherlands 34 years old.
I dont know much about cars nor have i got alllot of experience in doing things with cars… but never to old to learn haha

I just recently became the owner of a sirion 1.3 sport from 2005.
i was realy surprised about how much space the car has for being a smaller one (i drove a ford mondeo station before this one) and with the 1.3 engine it is comming allong great with the other trafic :slight_smile:

The reason to go for a smaller car was simple, cheaper in the monthly fee’s cheaper in fuel consumption and i just dont drive as much anymore but i wanted a car that looks nice and in my search the love for these cars grew on me…

As said before i dont have much experience on working on cars but i can say i am technically educated.
the reason for my registration here is that i want to learn to do some things myself , share my progress and watch others do the same and meet other daihatsu enthousiasts

This is my new toy! :


G’day and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the Forum Defra!
That is a really nice sirion you got there really nice and clean. If I am not mistaken is it the Sport Edition?
Never too old to learn and you have come to the right place for information and some good reading on what others have done.

thank you!
yeah it is sport edition!
yeah agreed already started reading trough the forums seen some good stuff already, looking forward to keep reading and sharing my progress with my sirion :slight_smile:

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Welcome fellow Dutchie! That’s a nice Sirion you got there, looks great. Enjoy!


Hee the Dutch go everywhere, welcome from a fellow Dutchie.


Cool. Looks great in silver. Welcome.


Another M300, nice! Welcome :slight_smile: