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Hello my name is Jesse and i have recently bought a Applause A101 and a Charade G201.

The applause was bought as a non runnen with a broken radiator. towed it home around 100km in the middle of night and fitted a charade A/C radiator. it fit great with a little modification. and now the car runs great now. the applause is used as a fun “offroad” car (its only a fwd). the previous owner fitted a winch and a lightbar on the car wich has had come to good use in its first off road adventure. i plan on lifting the applause a little to get a bit more ground clearance.

The Charade GTI (G201) popped up in a local fb group for “scrap and junk cars” i had heard about the charade gti being a fun small car. so when it popped up for sale i immediately went to pick it up. it came with some spare parts (small electrical stuff and a complete 1.6 engine and gearbox from a applause. i plan on restoring the car to its former glory. but for now it will be my daily.


Welcome Jesse. Nice couple of dais you have there.
Looks like you do have a bit of fun with the applause haha!