New from Australia

Hey guys, good to see a forum for these cars. Partner and I have just purchased a 96 F310 Feroza. Hope to learn a few things here and there and input my own knowledge where needed. Cheers guys!

I also made a post regarding installing ac into the feroza if any of you have knowledge about it, thanks.



Welcome. Would be great to see a pic or two of your Feroza. Should be a few here that can help you.

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Hey Alex welcome. Unfortunatley my knowledge for feroza’s isnt too great other than they run a hc series 1.3L engine which is also found in some charades and the applause 1.6L and a charade 1.5L can also fit the feroza.

Yeah I’ve got the 1.6L so I’m hoping everything is fairly interchangeable between the applause and feroza because there’s a few applause I can get my hands on.

Will have photos up soon.

Hi mate welcome, most applause and charade stuff should fit in the engine department.

Do you reckon the evaporator under the dash would be mounted the same? I would imagine the compressor would be a direct bolt on and the condenser, receiver dryer would fit as well… and just have custom lines made up to fit?

Here it is, just a carport pic but it’s now had the torsion bar lifted 2" with custom 3" shackles sitting on 31s.


Damn, sexy beast

Not sure with aircon sorry.