New Gino peoject

Okay so I will send this on the weekend and snapped it up. I’ve had way too much for it but saves me a lot of drama buying parts overseas as I’m getting messed around from a guy already in Japan buying a Gino cut
Has rego so will probably drive it for a bit just to save petrol but really not the cleanest car outside.
Interior has been swapped for Tartan Gino interior


I need that bonnet!!

would have bought that myself if it was in queensland he didnt want much for it at all really.
looked like it had a fair bit of dents though

Oh it has dents man, it has dents…
I probably paid a premium but I’m still waiting on a Gino from Japan so in mean time I bought this.
Has rego so that’s a bonus.
Has boot and petrol flap cable plus ac and steering! Lol.

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he only wanted 2800 for it didnt he ?

Yeah and I got a tonne of parts with it also.
Really nice guy. I can’t say how helpful he was.
He was firm on his price but still very good guy.


Have to say I hated the Gino when I first saw it but I am becoming somewhat rather fond of it, nice gino!

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Haha. Thanks mate. Yeah I love minis and still have 4 so when I first seen them I thought it was a bit of a try hard mini.
Now I like the idea.
That silver one has a pretty rough body right now.
Needs paint.
I bought some wheels on the way to my parents on Christmas Day to see how they would look.
They poke out too far.
Maybe with some flares might fit better.
I bought some 85mm flares but there ugly as sin.
Needs to be smaller.
There only +25 on the offset. Needs to be around the +40 mark. (15x7.5)
For now there on the pile of not used parts.
I really want some 89 Daisy’s from mx5.

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4 Mini’s :open_mouth:

Lol. I love minis. My first car was a mk2 1970 cooper s. 1380 motor done up a bit. 12g940 head and cam. Usual stuff. Went hard. I love the non practical design.

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Was that silver Gino purchased from Barden?

Best car ever is the Mini, old ones anyways, had a 68 p’van with a 1098cc and an 81 Moke Californian 1275 with the 12g940 head also and twin 1.1/4 SU’s, maaad cars :slight_smile:

@svp yeah mate it was. He’s just up the road from me.

Haha. Iv got a p/van too only cut into a ute.
I only got it because my mate wanted the 4efte basket from it so he swapped the cradles and sold me the ute.

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