New guy again with some moves

Hey guys I was new to the daiforum so starting new again haha, always loves daihatsu’s but finally got one when my car audio shop finally needed a “shop car” haha basically an excuse to get one hahaha. Anyways I bought a move that was missing a heap of parts and had a blown head gasket, when about to admit defeat another one popped up for sale for $250 with an unfinished ej20 conversion. So the plan now is to swap all the good parts into the first one as it now has all the car audio gear in it. Anyways good to meet everyone on here and in time I’m sure I will. Cheers guys

hey Timmay Welcome mate do you mean ejde not ej20? Ej20 is subaru :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing your moves. mine is in build section. :slight_smile:

My bad yeah I meant ejde, dam autocorrect on my phone hahaha