New L200 addition

So I’ve been bugging this guy who lives two streets from me for ages to buy his Mira.
He bought it from a vet and he was using it for his dog in the back. Eventually he rang me back and offered it to me for $250.
I snapped it up straight away and drive it home last night. It has no rego super clean body and only 110,000 km. Ok for a 94 model car.
The back has this lift up floor thing.
Still has belts though.
Might get a seat and put it back to 5seats.
I just had to have it.
Clean 3 door.
I thought it was a good buy even at twice the price.


I think you’ll have a Dai museum soon. nice buy at $250!

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that is a good buy man nice and clean besides the superficial stuff (dust n dirt). Even black interior that some people just love now. :+1: good score

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Yeah it was parked there for at least 6 months until he let me buy it.
I didn’t expect him to call. I left a note about 4 months ago and that’s how I got in touch with him.
He kept it running and started right away no jumpers or anything.
I should take a pic of all my Daihatsu all together! Haha be like a cruise but in my backyard


Wow what a great score <3 the black 2door inside is just so sexy.

2nd latest now…

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