New L200 in Sydney

Hey Gang!
Just bought a very standard L200 as a daily while my other car is off the road.
The modification bug has hit, however. So you’ll probably be seeing me around. Haha

First question, where would I find some fender flares to fit over these babies?

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Welcome to the forum, nice little mira you got :slight_smile: maybe try @WoodWorx for flares?

If the modification bug has hit make it clear if you are building for performance or cool looks. For performance, you are steering way off track already by starting with wheels and flares, but if it is for looks, why not find some big over body flares off a Honda or something like that and go the whole Rocketbunny look. (To the those established here, I will stay out of this one and leave the guy to build something his cool. There will be far more helpful and knowledgable on wheels/flares).


Hi mate welcome,
You can get univesral flares off ebay for about $20 each I have found recently. If thats the sort of thing you are looking for.

Thanks! Yeah, that’s the sort of thing I’m after.
I put the new whee’s on, and they poke out a lil. Hahah

Probably gonna need some more lows too…