New member: 95 S110P Hijet Build

Hello all, I have been lurking trying to learn about getting more power out of my Hijet. I have a 1995 S110P, 5 speed manual, EF engine, carbureted. I think it is a EF-NS? Don’t know how to confirm that.
I’ve owned the truck for 2 years now and want more power out of it.

At the moment I have 24x8.5 tires on the truck which makes 5th gear useless. If there was something that I could do to make it faster on the low end that would be great too. I have a feeling I’m going to get t-boned one day from how slow it is pulling out onto a road.

I had read somewhere that it’s possible to get a 2012 or older Toyota Townace engine that will bolt up to the existing transmission? Can anyone confirm that?

Last bit of info, USA, Colorado

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Pulling the valve cover, you can immediately see if it’s an EF or not. An EF has 9 valves.
Being rear wheel drive, it should be possible to swap out your 5-speed for a 6 or more one.
As far as engine swapping’s concerned, there’s someone here currently doing one on a Hijet

Sorry to sound negative, but you have put 24" wheels on a vehicle designed for 12" wheels, with a 660cc engine and you are worried its slow?

The massively increased rolling radius, additional unsprung weight and doubling (if not more) of the contact patch of the tyre will be impossible to overcome with stock suspension, engine and gearbox, and more than likely will result in the premature death of one or more components.

If you want to keep those wheels, then you will need to fit a completely different engine and gearbox, and I would strongly recommend much bigger brakes and uprated suspension to cope.

Or, take the wheels back to standard, and enjoy it for what it is.


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I still have 12” diameter wheels but the tire size is a 24” diameter. Most people are running a 23” diameter tire on 13 or 14” wheels. Stock diameter is generally a 145/R12 or 155/R12. That converts to around 21.1 inches. So we’re talking at most a 3” diameter increase. So I increased my tire diameter by 14%.

Ah, right I see - OK a less radical change then!

So you have 12" wheels, what tyre size have you got? How much wider are the tyres vs standard, because if they are 8.5j (if I have understood correctly) then that is still a lot wider than stock 4.5j (?), which will add a lot of unsprung weight and drag, and stress the suspension a lot more, especially at low speeds.

However the above isn’t really relevant to why its so much slower off the line. Are the tyres pumped up to a suitable pressure? I don’t know what the stock pressures are for a S110P, but check you’re running at least the pressures recommended, and possibly over-inflate by up to 10% to see if this helps?

Rolling radius is about 15% greater with the tyres you have on now vs standard, which isn’t a huge leap, but I’m wondering if its tyre width thats causing issues

Do you have the original wheels to go back to temporarily to rule out it being another problem - e.g. does the van accelerate normally up to 30mph on standard wheels and tyres?