New member from Melbourne Australia - 1992 Feroza


I’m a proud newish owner of a 1992 Feroza. (Or not so new since I’ve been working on it for a year).

It seems to have had a tough life, but it’s just gone in for roadworthy here in Melbourne and will be on the road this week. I’ve found everything has been straightforward enough, except that i would like a bit more power down the track and can’t find a suitable engine swap that fits in with the gearbox and transfer case, im sure someone has gone through that.

Please see some photos below!


Looks tough. Nice Dai. Welcome.

Looks awesome! Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Unfortunately you have the biggest motor that came out in these, there is one that has had a supercharger put on it but haven’t heard much about it for a long time.

There is always a complete engine, gearbox and transfer case swap.

Welcome to the forum. The Feroza looks great and looks like you’ve done a great job in reviving it. Well done. As many have said above a small boosted option or a hole engine and driveline swap from something else is about your options I believe.

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Thanks guys - yeah I’m thinking about a full swap or sneaking a turbo / supercharger onto it, this would probably help the power issue, but this engine is burning a LOT of oil which is unfortunate, because everything else on it is very tidy.

I sent it up through Howqua Hills here in Victoria on the weekend, and despite being incredibly rainy, it handled pretty much everything - the only place i got stuck was the same spot as a kitted out hilux :smiley:


very nice car

Looks great, the first feroza/rocky I looked at here had been used as a toy for kids to beat up in the woods. The owner took me through a mud hole deep enough the hood went under. I figured i was going to be swimming out but it went through putting along like a farm tractor and popped out the other end. That was when i knew i had to have one… just not that particular one :rofl::joy: