NEW MEMBER SIR.RION......................... introduction

GOOD DAY to you all
my name is jay
owner of sirion ,manual 5 speed in melbourne australia
my baby is called bluedaisy
i er umm didnt look after her but i cant bear to let her go .
so will post later about my woes but just posting to say hello to you all



welcome to livetodai forums SIR. RION :slight_smile:

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thank you

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Welcome :slight_smile:

thank you very much for your welcome

Welcome Jay, looking forward to see if there are any woes i haven’t face d yet :wink:

lol …thank you … oh i have been a bit of a bad boy.engine woes .maybe cylinder head gasket It was running on 2 and a bit cylinders …and now turns over but wont start i need to pull the engine out and give daisy some real tlc . i work everyday except tuesdays so please accept my apologies if i dont reply to all and sundry asap .i am working now till 9pm melbourne time so will be able to get a chance to relax in 2 hours .
otherwise thank you kindly for your welcomes . jay

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Sir.Rion. That’s a cool name. Welcome

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Welcome to the forum