New member with a GTVi

Hi Everyone.
I have had a few Daihatsu’s over the years; A supercharged Feroza, G100 charade, a 3 banger 2004 Charade, then I came across the Terious and took interest in the k3-ve which led me to the Sirion GTVi which I have now.
I’ve had it a bit over a year and it’s always blown smoke over 4k rpm (assumed damaged rings or bores) then unfortunately about a week ago it finally blew right past the rings in cyl 4.
Now I need to pop the head off and see exactly what damage has been done and begin fixing the engine.


Welcome. Please do throw up some pics of your Sirion. I didn’t get them until I drove one. One of the best value for money cars ever. But I guess yours has not have the proper care in the past.