New Midget Owner in Germany

the last Daihatsu I owned was a yellow Copen 1.3 several years ago. Lovely car.
I decided to buy a Midget 2 now. In much need of TLC it was the most inexpensive one with a German registration.
Used car guy said engine and tranny was perfect, but on the way home I had to find out there’s wrong with the cat.
At least the warning light said so and the engine stalled 3 times on the 100km way home, only starting again after a 15min wait. I just ordered all the filters etc. Unfortunately I was not able to locate a simple owners manual so far. Got the workshop manual but that’s not the same. Parts catalogue might be interesting, too. So far no-one seems to be willing to help as well.
So, I’ll start chasing the usual faults like intake leaks, maybe a clotted cat etc.


sounds like a rough time with the Midget 2. I obviously dont know the deals with used car sales etc from where you are. Is the used car place liable for the issue or is it a case of no warranty etc.
If the Cat is blocked would it be that you just need a new cat?

I dont think yours has one, but could you check if the midget had a OBD2 port? If so you could just plug in an OBD2 scanner and find out that way why the engine light is on. Also could you tell us which engine it has? It either has a EF-CK or an EF-SE i believe. So you could try to get some manuals for those engines (or other dai’s with those engines) to work out the problem.

A list i always use when i just got a new car is to check everything and replace allot.

  • Check oil
  • Check coolant
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace air filter
  • New fuel
  • Check/replace brakes
  • etc etc
    You’de be suprised how many strange problems i’ve “fixed” by replacing the spark plugs for example.

Also, you’ve got to realise that Midgets are quite rare so there is not allot of information and not allot of people who know stuff about them.

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