New person to the Dai Forum with a L700 K3ve2

Hi there, the name is John. I have a White L700 with K3VE2 conversion from the GTVi. I did the complete loom front to back and have the full ABS system (and it works!)

Only issue I have to sort is why the speedometer is not working despite all 4 ABS sensors are connected and no ABS warnings. I guess that is a job for later.


Welcome! I would love to see some pictures and hear the story of the swap :slight_smile:


welcome to livetodai forum’s

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Glad to have you join us. Welcome.

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Thank you! @Mophius I wish I took more photos of the job but typical me, I get in the zone and just keep on smashing out the job. I might try find all the photos and do a post about it.

Quick Story:
Bought a l700 wreck that was running (auto) with the k3ve2 conversion half done. I thought great, nice quick weekend and smash it out. Well I was wrong.

This is what I ended up swapping:
Swapped complete loom right up to the rear tail lights (all GTVi)
Steering Column and Steering Wheel
Door Locks
GTVi Seats
Front Seatbelts (for the connection to the Airbag sensor)
Airbag Sensor module
Electric side mirrors as mine L700 was a series one
ABS module, including all brake lines
GTVi front and rear brakes and hubs for the ABS sensors mounts
GTVi Instrument Cluster

The trick I had to overcome was the donor gear was automatic. I had 2 complete engines and transmissions (one auto one manual) on subframes ready to do. I used the manual one so hard to make plug for the reverse lights and also bridge the neutral wires to it would start. Next was the issue of i didnt like the auto cluster in the manual so I used the manual cluster, anddddddd it didnt start. Quick search on this forum and put a bunch of info together and earthed a wire and she starts with the manual cluster. The wire is M20 on the 3Lm 18 wire instrument cluster plug for the K3 loom if anyone was wondering.

I think that was pretty much it, hope it all makes sense :slight_smile:


Seems relatable. I also always forget to take some pictures. Do you have any further plans?

No I don’t think I have any other plans. I just want to enjoy it now as I have spent more time playing/working on it rather than driving it. Pretty much everything is done I think :slight_smile:

Here are some photos,

Front ABS sensors mounted

Rear ABS sensors mounted

ABS module and brake lines installed

Wiring getting done

Motor all in!

Interior done!


that’s awesome work man weld done! Time to enjoy all your hard work :slight_smile:

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