New project

So on the weekend I was cruising through gumtree and accidentally bought this as well…IMG_0333IMG_0332IMG_0331IMG_0330
TBH I don’t even know what year model it is.
I just liked the body.
It has power steer and air con!
Never knew these things had that.
Only thing is it smokes like hell!
It’s all good though. It gives me reason to rebuild it or throw a bigger motor in.
For $350 I had to take it for the straight body.
I have my eye on a l200 as well from a local kid. Lol


Awesome find! Big engine and some Gino panels thing will look wicked :+1:

And just to clarify, it already looks wicked, I just love the Gino front end! Ha ha

I love the Gino too.
My first car ever was a 1970 mk2 cooper s mini. Genuine car!
Then I ruined it. Typical big bore and all the gear and became a race car. Me being a young idiot sold it to a guy who offered me 7k for it!
And here I was thinking this guy is a moron…:thinking:
I kick myself every time it’s mentioned.
Iv still got 3 minis. Again typical me there all in various states of repair. At least ones a genuine cooper s body.


Awesome man! Yeah love the mini’s too.
My cuz works for a mob that specialize in rare and unique cars. Here’s the cooper S he finished polishing for sale at the moment…20170823_132945
He’s owns a Leyland he’s restoring at moment too! Such awesome fun cars

Very nice man.
I don’t know why but Iv only ever had blue with white roof minis…

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This arrived today…
Perfect donor car.
Can’t wait to get it in. IMG_0346IMG_0351IMG_0352


And the fun begins! :+1:

Well you’ve got the Sirion GTvi seats in your blue Cuore. They’re super comfy - so much better than the stick seats!!
It has a series 1 front bar, so it could be 1999 or 2000 I’m guessing.
Our first one was this blue. Love it :smiley:
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Does the YRV donor car, have a K3 VE engine?

Thanks. Yeah I thought that about the seats ay.
I knew they weren’t stock but wasn’t gonna claim it if I wasn’t sure.
It’s a 3k ve yeah AND it has a sporty pink airbox!
Plus a geisha lady gear knob!
The blue thing I’m pretty sure is a 99.
I’d love to do a Gino front but also got my eye on a few cool bars from yahoo Japan.
Probably get it all swapped out first before I go too crazy.

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